Achieve the Healthy, Beautiful Smile You’ve Always Wanted


Achieve the Healthy, Beautiful Smile You’ve Always Wanted

At Garrett Orthodontics, we use a wide range of appliances to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted. Not all braces treatment requires the use of additional appliances. After an initial consultation with Dr. Garrett, you will know which appliance (if any) is necessary to help you attain a healthy, functional lifelong smile.

E-Arch (Expansion Arch)

The E-Arch is a fixed appliance that is placed in the upper arch to make room for all of the permanent teeth. This device is typically used in early interceptive treatment and is spring loaded, so it works gradually to widen the upper arch. Patients usually gain all of the necessary room required for permanent teeth in about 6 months.

The Distal Jet

The distal jet appliance is used most frequently in cases of overcrowding. As a fixed appliance, the distal jet is attached using 4 bands connected by spring loaded arms that gradually push molars back, making space for permanent molars. The distal jet is used to alleviate crowding and avoid extractions.

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)

The Rapid Palatal Expander is a metal fixed appliance used to rapidly expand the upper arch in a short period of time. It is generally attached to 2 or 4 teeth and activated by turning a small tool that fits in the center of the appliance. It is common for patients to see a gap in the front teeth during this period of rapid expansion.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is a functional fixed appliance used to correct the bite. In cases of moderate to severe overbite, the Herbst appliance is used to move the lower jaw into a corrected bite position while enhancing growth in the lower jaw. More comfortable than its old-school counterpart (head gear), the Herbst appliance usually optimizes the position of the lower jaw within 9 months to a year.

Lingual Arch or Palatal Bar

A lingual arch or palatal bar connects two molars and is placed on the tongue-side or interior of the upper arch to maintain space for permanent teeth. In cases where baby teeth have been lost prematurely, the lingual arch can maintain the space to prevent overcrowding. It can also be used to extend the upper arch.

Tongue Crib

The tongue crib is a fixed appliance used to prevent the tongue from striking the anterior teeth during speaking. The tongue crib trains the tongue in conjunction with speech therapy to aid in the correction of an open bite. An open bite usually occurs from a thumbsucking habit or pacifier use in early development of dentition.

The Bonded Bite Plane

The bonded bite plane is used in cases of severe overbite to prevent the lower front teeth from biting into the tissue behind the upper front teeth. Bonding material is placed on the backside of the upper front teeth.


Elastics or rubber bands are frequently used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to put the final “squeeze” on teeth just before the braces are removed. Elastics apply a force that creates the correct amount of pressure to move teeth into their final position. Although they may seem like a hassle, it is important to wear elastics as prescribed by your orthodontist to get optimal results.